Bright Bold Designs as Individual as You

Do you see beauty in nature on country walks; the trees, leaves, flowers and sunsets and wish you could take a piece of that beautiful scene with you? I create wearable works of art that are handmade for the individual to connect with nature, capture the imagination and express their unique style.


My creative journey starts with my camera. I find inspiration in the outdoors and take photographs of plants, flowers, and any patterns and textures that I find visually appealing. Back in the workshop, I work with plain sheets of anodised aluminium which are ready to accept dyes and colours onto the surface. This is where my inspiration and creativity flows as I place marks and patterns onto the metal using various printing techniques by hand. Colouring the metal with bright or subtle shades and allowing the colours to mix freely on the surface creates unusual and beautiful shade variations. My pieces are my interpretation of the natural world around me and are an expression of who I am as an artist.

Anodised aluminium is the ideal medium for me to explore my love of combining colour with pattern. Anodising is an electro-chemical process normally used in industry that creates a hard oxide layer on the surface of the aluminium. This oxide is porous, and accepts dyes and pigments into its layer which are then locked into the surface. The colour in your piece of jewellery will not flake or peel, it is part of the metal's surface. Aluminium is very light and comfortable to wear, while being a durable material ideal for jewellery. I began working with anodised aluminium during my degree in Jewellery Metalwork in 2004. Since graduating, I continue to experiment and explore with printmaking techniques to interpret my original inspirations.

My passion for making jewellery started as a small child when I made friendship bracelets out of brightly coloured telephone wire and embroidery threads. Though I didn't know it at the time, this was the beginning of my fascination of working with metal and combining colours.

Bold, vivid and striking designs reminiscent of feathers, trees, autumn leaves and sunsets with colours that shimmer in the light provide a pop of colour to any outfit, from your little black dress, to white tee and jeans.

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